3 Tips For Preparing For A Corporate Headshot

Preparing for a corporate headshot is often necessary if you want to ensure that your photographs look their best. First impressions last and whether it is fair or not, people do judge you based on the photograph you present to them. 

They may use your image as portrayed in the photograph to make judgments about who you are and your capabilities. This is why a professional-looking headshot is so important in the world of business. 

The image that you project can help you land a position or even help you to gain new clients. Take a look at these tips for preparing for your corporate headshot.

Selecting the Right Color Clothing

Selecting the right colors for the clothing you will wear is important. Remember that colors convey mood and you want to make sure that your photographs are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

Soft and muted colors are the best choice for your clothing when you are doing a corporate photoshoot. Stripes, bold floral patterns, and neon colors should be avoided.

Keep Makeup Light

When it comes to doing your makeup for your corporate headshot, make sure that you go light. Heavy makeup is not recommended as it will make you look unprofessional. Consider using makeup to create a look that is just one or two steps up from looking natural. You should avoid lipstick shades that are too bright in color and forgo using any kind of eyeshadow or blush.

Wear the Right Glasses

If you wear glasses and want to have them on during your headshots, make sure that you clean them. The camera does not miss anything, and if your glasses are dirty, that will show up in the pictures. 

If you wear glasses that contain transition lenses, you may want to avoid taking your picture in them. This is because transition lenses often turn out looking like sunglasses in photographs.

Try to wear glasses that are glare-resistant, as it may affect the way the light appears in your photograph. If you are afraid that any of these issues will affect your photograph, it is best not to wear any glasses at all or wear contact lenses instead.

Taking beautiful headshots is very possible. All you have to do is make sure that you are prepared. If you focus on getting a few details right, your headshots will be something that you are proud to show to anyone.