Having Pictures And Artwork Framed

Effectively framing your art or photographs can protect them from common sources of damage, but it can also be a bit more involved than many individuals may assume. More specifically, there are some considerations that may not be readily obvious when you first start preparing for this.

The Prominence Of The Picture Frame

The prominence of the picture frame will be a factor that will influence the final results that you get from the framing process. For high-quality works of art or pieces that are somewhat smaller, it can be important to minimize the prominence of the frame so that you do not take away from the aesthetics of the art itself. However, lower-quality artwork may benefit from using the frame as an aesthetic enhancement. Larger pieces of art may benefit from better proportionality with a larger frame.

Whether Conservation Quality Framing Is Needed

If the items that you are wanting to frame are especially important or valuable, it can be useful to invest in conservation quality framing. This type of framing will be able to protect the artwork from a variety of damages that could otherwise degrade it. For example, this type of framing will be able to protect the item from moisture and intense light. Conservation quality framing will be more costly, but if you are wanting to keep the item for many decades, this may be the only way to avoid significant degradation when displaying it.

The Weight Of The Frame

The weight of the frame is a factor that can influence where you are able to hang the artwork. If the frame is too heavy, there are some walls that may not be able to accommodate this weight without the risk of the framed item falling. When evaluating potential framing options and materials, you should have a basic awareness of the weight that the fully framed item will have. The use of artificial framing materials, such as vinyl, can be an option that will allow you to have a quality frame for your art that is as light as possible.

Framing your works of art or photographs can be a step that will keep these items safe as they are being displayed. To make sure that your experience having these items framed goes as smoothly as possible, you should consider the prominence of the frame that you are wanting to use, whether conservation quality is necessary and the need to limit the weight of the frame. Contact a picture framing service to learn more.