How To Get Maximum Value From Custom Designed Photography Backdrops

People are able to retain information better when there is a visual element involved. This has led many marketers to incorporate graphics, videography, and photography in their content. With a custom photo backdrop, you can combine all three elements to create a successful brand.

Keep reading to discover how to get the most value out of your custom designed photography backdrops.

Choose the Best Material

The best photography material will depend on your project needs. Backdrops can range from very cheap to very expensive. They come in a variety of sizes, prints, and fabric styles. Heavier fabrics may be great for a studio but difficult to transport. Lightweight fabrics are great for transport but may have issues with wrinkles.

Here are a variety of backdrop materials to choose from:

  1. Muslin — most common backdrop fabric, lightweight, typically dark colors
  2. Painted canvas/muslin — unique design choices, great for portraits, usually very heavy and expensive depending on size
  3. Vinyl/Matte Vinyl — great for green/blue screens, custom printed materials, branding; can be heavy depending on size, comes in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes
  4. Paper — Least expensive option, comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and prints; can cut it if part of it gets wrinkled or stained
  5. Household items — typically sheets, blankets, curtains, fabric store fabric, paint; versatile but not fully customizable

Choose the Best Size

The size of your backdrop should match your subject and the depth of field you want to capture. A small backdrop will work best for tighter shots, but you also have less room to move around. This is important if you also decide to shoot a video. The size of the backdrop is also important to how you plan to mount it. Large, heavy backdrops will need more support and room to unroll. Choose a size that gives you the freedom to vary your shot and tell the best visual story.

Here are some popular sizes for backdrops for the spaces they'll be used in:

  • Small to medium spaces, seated portraits: 5ft wide, 7ft long
  • Medium spaces, single individual: 12ft long, 8ftx4ft long
  • Larger spaces or studios: 9ft wide, 10ft long, 20ft long

Choose the Best Color

The ability for your customers to recognize your brand improves by 80% from the color alone. Choose a color that blends with your brand and your photography subject. For instance, interviews may be better with a gray background while lifestyle photos are best with bright cheery colors. Selecting a printed design is also a great way to include your logo or brand message and promote brand recognition.

With the availability of cameras and photography tutorials online, there is an unprecedented amount of emerging photographers in the market. Custom designed photography backdrops take your photos to the next level of professionalism. Whether for you or your clients, choose a material, size, and print that will best achieve your results.