Benefits Of Corporate Event Videos

According to Forbes, by 2019, nearly 80 percent of all internet consumer traffic will be searches for videos. So, if you're looking for a way to get the word out about your small business or company and the traditional channels aren't working, you should try making a corporate video. Here are a few of the many benefits of having a professional create a corporate video.

Allows You to Spend Your Advertising Budget Wisely

There is a reason why corporate videos are becoming more popular: they are a great investment. A corporate video allows you to showcase your products and services, introduce your staff to potential clients, and provide testimonials of satisfied clients all in one product.

Allows You to Take Advantage of Several Platforms

From video sharing sites to social media, people are posting videos on every imaginable platform. Investing in a professionally coordinated corporate video allows you to easily and seamlessly post your content on several platforms. Creating traditional written content means that you often must change the message depending on the platform.

When you create one single video and put it on multiple platforms, you will be surprised how quickly it will be shared by viewers. That one investment could potentially be shared dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of times.

Allows You to Show Your Creativity

Your organization is staffed with creative and passionate people. Unfortunately, when you use traditional media strategies or produce your own videos, you aren't able to accurately capture just how amazing your team is. Hiring a professional to create a corporate video allows you to collaborate with a team that knows how to make your company look attractive to potential clients.

The combination of your team's creativity and the video production company's innovation will allow you to create a finished product that will dazzle potential and existing clients.

Allows You to Raise Your Company's Awareness

Potential and existing clients want to know more about your company. They do not want to learn this information by sifting through documents or reading long company and corporate profiles. A well-produced corporate video will grab a client's attention. Once you have their attention, you can use visuals, music, and some written content to let them know more about your organization.

Every company has a mission statement that sums up the philosophy and goals of their company. Reading a mission statement won't have as much impact as a video showcasing the mission statement as well as how the company works to achieve these goals.

Allows You to Appeal to Visual Learners

Many people are visual learners, which means they will process and retain information better when they are visually stimulated. When you are advertising to visual learners through traditional print or written content strategies, visual learners will lose interest. Producing a corporate video allows you to appeal to individuals who are visual learners.

Allows You to Live Stream Corporate Events

Finally, if you have a new product or service you cannot wait to share with the world, you may be able to stream your corporate events to a massive audience. Live streaming lets clients feel like they are a part of the company's culture and lets you get the word out about an exciting new service or product before your competitors.

Many platforms allow companies to livestream their events and meetings, including social media and video sharing services. If you have a company website, you can live stream the event and post a completed corporate video for anyone who wasn't able to see your company go live.

For more information about corporate event video production services, reach out to a company like Seamless Motion Production.