Photo Backdrop Ideas For A Car-Loving Child

If you have a son or a daughter who loves cars, you may constantly be buying toy cars, automotive-themed PJs, and even playing car cartoons on TV for your kids. When it comes time to take your children to a photo studio for a portrait session, you'll want to determine what photo backdrops are available. Ideally, the studio will have an automotive-themed backdrop that will be suitable for your children. You may even wish to consult with multiple photography studios to assess which has the best auto-themed photo backdrop. Here are some ideas that you can implement with this type of backdrop.

Pit Crew

If the kid photo backdrop depicts a racecar, one idea to consider is to have your children pose as though they're members of a racing pit crew. Given that your kids are already car enthusiasts, they likely have a variety of accessories that they can use as props during the photo shoot. For example, if the children have a toy jack and some toy wrenches, they can pose kneeling down beside the racecar as though they're fixing it during a pit stop.


Pretending to be on a pit crew might be fun, but there's nothing that compares to the excitement of driving a car. You'll enjoy dressing your children up in appropriate attire that suggests that they're racecar drivers. Many children have play-style firesuits that they might wear when they're using toy cars, and you can dress your children in these garments so that they can pose beside the car featured on the photo backdrop. There are all sorts of poses that they can employ, including a serious pose with a neutral expression and their arms crossed.


If your children enjoy watching races on TV, you might wish to suggest a photo in which they're acting like fans. Figure out the appearance of the automotive photo backdrop and then prepare the children accordingly. They can wear clothing in the same color as the vehicle depicted on the backdrop and pose as though they're cheering the racecar on during a race. You may even want to make them hold a banner similar to what fans at racing events might hold. In advance of the photo session, work with your children in front of a mirror to practice their expressions. Large smiles or even posing with their mouths open as though they're cheering can really make this photo idea come to life.