4 Ways To Permanently Record And Capture Your Wedding Day Memories

Your upcoming wedding day is a culmination of months or sometimes years of planning, and an event that you have likely looked forward to your entire life, so it is one you want to fully make a record of. Having photos and video of your wedding day and the events leading up to the ceremony will help you remember that day vividly and the people who were part of it. Here are four methods you can use to can record your wedding so you can keep the memories forever.

#1- Take a Wedding Video

A wedding video is a good way to capture live events of your wedding, which can include the preparation before the wedding day and the engagement party, the ceremony, and the reception. A good videographer will be able to include various aspects to your wedding and even provide some overhead drone footage of your event.

Depending on how much time you want your videographer to shoot video during the events, the investment can vary in price. Some videographers offer compete packages, others allow you to pick and choose which features you want in your video, and other charge by the hour. And, if you are on tight wedding budget, you can always hire a friend or neighbor to take amateur video footage of your event.

#2- Hire a Professional Photographer

A wedding photographer is going to be a big part of recording your wedding day, with several types of photographic styles to choose from. They can take traditional photos, including group photos of the wedding party and family members. Or you can ask the photographer to use a more artistic approach to capture more candid photos of the wedding party and the event. With an artistic approach, your photographer is less obtrusive but is still capturing all the intimate and special moments with you, your wedding party, and your guests.

Hiring a wedding photographer that will make a record of your wedding day in the way you want is very important so you can remember the day via its images for the rest of your life. Talk to a few photographers to get an idea of their ability, styles, and experience. Their costs can vary, depending on their experience, with an average cost to hire a photographer at just over $2,700. After you have chosen a photographer, make sure you let them know what types of shots you want, especially if any requests are out of the ordinary.

#3- Set Out Disposable Cameras

Along with hiring the services of a dedicated photographer or videographer, you can also let your guests help you record your wedding day. At the dinner after your wedding or at the reception, you can place disposable cameras around at each of your tables. Then, as your guests mingle with one another and celebrate your wedding, they can snap their own photos of one another and of the wedding party.

At the end of the wedding, get the photos developed to get a different perspective on your wedding. These photos taken by your guests will give you moments during the day which your wedding photographer or videographer may have missed.

#4- Set Up a Photo Booth

Another way to involve your guests and make a fun activity for your younger guests is to set up a photo booth. Include a fun or colorful backdrop matching your wedding theme, then include props and other fun items your wedding guests can use to take their own group photos.

Ask a friend or acquaintance to take the photos in the photo booth, or hire a photographer to handle the snaps. You can also choose a specific photo lens filter or edit the photos later with different filters to give the photos their own unique look to fill your wedding photo book.

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