4 Amazing Wedding Snapshots That You Won't Want to Forget

So, he proposed and you said yes. Now, you have to plan the wedding. This means you have to find out where you'll tie the knot, send out save the date invitations, determine what type of food you're going to have catered in, make thank you bags, find the perfect wedding dress and locate a wedding photographer. Wedding photos are something that you'll be able to keep for the rest of your life, so you'll want to make sure that you get some memorable snapshots of the most important parts of your big day. Here are four ideas to make your photographs extraordinary:

1. Everyone Getting Ready

One of the best parts of the wedding day is actually getting ready. It is a great time to get some very beautiful and memorable photographs of the ones that are closet to you. As a bride, you want pictures of everything and everyone. Make sure your photographer grabs some snapshots of the groomsmen (including your soon-to-be hubby) putting on their ties and boutonnieres. You'll also want to get pictures of your bridesmaids (as well as yourself) zipping up each other's dresses, putting on make-up, styling hair, slipping on shoes, etc.

2. On the Beach

For beach-inspired weddings, consider having your photographer get a photo of the entire wedding party against the backdrop of the water or sand. This is also the perfect place for you and your husband to take a photo. You take a shot where the bride and groom take off their shoes, step out into the water and share a memorable kiss caught on camera. Just don't forget to pull your dress up so it doesn't get soaked!

3. Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most understated photography items. In your dressing room, you are probably going to have a full-length mirror. Have all of your bridal party huddle around the mirror and look into it. You'll stand to where your entire body is being shown in the mirror. Your photographer will stand back a bit more, out of the view of the mirror, and snap a photo so that it turns out something like this.

4. Be Funny

Don't assume that everything has to be so magical or serious, as your photos can be creative and funny too. After all, the craziness that you and your loved ones emit in the photographs are what make them extra special and memorable. One creative, funny picture that you could do requires that the groomsmen will all lay down on the ground as if they've been shot and the bridesmaids will stand beside or over the men with their fingers in the shape of a gun. In the background, the bride and groom will be kissing.

For more interesting and creative ideas for your wedding photos, contact a wedding photographer in your local area, such as Joe Damone Photography, or in the vicinity of where you'll be getting hitched.