How To Make Your Engagement Party Special With A Custom Slideshow

When you're getting ready to make plans for an engagement party, you need to consider more than just the appetizers and venue selection to make things really special. An engagement party that's set to celebrate the union of two people in matrimony requires careful thought and planning in order to make things "just right" for you and your guests. So when you want to show your family and friends just how much you mean to one another, you should definitely include a custom slideshow.

A custom slideshow can transform your pictures, movies, and songs onto one DVD that can highlight the memorable aspects of your relationship, as well as your individual lives before joining as a couple. It's a beautiful and easy way to present your new life and lives as individuals to the ones you love, and it can help your family and friends get to know your spouse before the big day. So if you'd thought about presenting a custom slideshow at your engagement party, here's how you can make it happen.

Collect The Pieces

Start by collecting the pieces of your life that are meaningful to you and memorable to your loved ones. Gather old slides, digital photographs, movies, or music that you both love, starting as far back as you want your family and friends to remember. Collecting various forms of media and scanning or transferring them to digital files is a great way to prepare your slideshow, but if you don't have access to the equipment needed, like scanners or file converters, you can always send your materials directly to a slide show service that will do all the work for you.

Slide shows often play as a backdrop for events or during speeches, so you should include enough photography to span long time periods without repetitive cycling. Throwing in home movies periodically during the display and using music that you love, or music that you share with your partner, can also be a touching way to demonstrate your love.

Work The Puzzle

Once you gather the material you want to add to your slideshow, you may want to give some thought as to how you want to put the puzzle together. For an impacting emotional effect, you may want to start with individual moments taken from each of your lives during childhood, up to the present where you share a life together. There are no rules how you put your slideshow together, though, as long as you put thought into reflecting on the contributions of the ones you love and your appreciation for their support throughout your life.

If you aren't particularly savvy with creating a digital slideshow, professional slide show services can deliver an amazing result that's powered by both dynamic visuals and audio storytelling. They can also add menus, icons, digital artwork, visual pauses, quotes, and other graphic mementos you find appropriate for your slideshow.

Custom slideshows can be affordable and can be created in a manner of days, or sometimes hours, when you have all of your material ready with a format in mind. And because a slideshow can offer a beautiful and memorable way to celebrate your engagement with loved ones, there's no reason why you shouldn't get started creating one today.