Three Tips For Making Your Teen's Senior Portrait Session A Success

Senior pictures can be a bit hectic for teens and their parents. Teens want to look great and be unique in their pictures. Parents understand that these are pictures the children will look at for years to come so they want to make sure that they aren't filled with fads that will be irrelevant ten years after the pictures are taken. Use the following tips to find a happy medium.

Choose the Right Clothing

When you and your child are selecting clothing for them to wear in their pictures, it is important to be realistic. Your teen will want to dress clothes that are hip and in style. Wearing shirts that are buttoned up their waist or skirts that go to their ankles may not be their idea of attractive clothing. Be willing to work with your child when it comes to the attire they want to wear. Figure out why they like an item and find a similar item that has the characteristics they like but that is more appropriate for the photography session. Compromise is key when it comes to successful senior pictures.

Choose the Right Setting

You can choose to have the photography session just about anywhere you want. Ask your teen if there are any places that make them the most comfortable or that they think are the most beautiful. You could then have the photo session at the place they like the best. Professional photographers will typically hold a photo shoot anywhere the client chooses as long as it is a reasonable distance from their studio.

Add Props to the Pictures

Before going to the photo session, be sure to talk to your child about any props that he or she may like to add to their session to make their pictures even more unique. If your child loves horses, perhaps their horse could be in a picture. If your child plays sports, some of the equipment from the sport could be featured around your child during one of their shots.

These simple tips will allow a teen to show their unique style while still creating beautiful pictures. The experience will be more pleasant if your teen feels as they though had a say in what took place during their photo shoot. Most teens will only get the opportunity to have a fancy photography session a few times in their life, so making it as enjoyable as possible is important. Work with a studio, like Monte Evans Photography, for any additional tips.